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Angela's support over the last eight weeks has been far more than nutritional advice.

Angela has really taken on board my individual circumstances and has tailored her advise to what has been best for me.

I have gained much more than a healthier way of eating, support for my gut health and and a way of eating aimed at my particular health needs. I feel brighter, have more energy, and I am sleeping better.

Angela's calm nature and listening ear has also helped me emotionally too.

I feel so much better and I am confident I can continue this new way of nurturing my body.

I can't thank Angela enough.


Find out more about how I can help you, with a free, consultation. Book yours today for a time and day that's convenient for you.


Throughout my lifetime, being diagnosed with Crohns Disease I’ve always had a love hate relationship with food. Last year I had a flare up, got put on steroids, had a limited diet, and prescribed medication to control it. I new I needed to take control, introduce foods back into my diet, and learn how to keep my gut happy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela through the gym we both go too, where she is highly recommended, and that’s where our journey began! With her help I learned how to understand the food I eat and how it effects my body. Angela didn’t restrict my eating habits but showed me how to introduce healthier things into my diet, giving me a happy gut. Teaching me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living, creating a sustainable lifestyle change to my eating habits. Not only did she help me with my nutrition, but also vitamins and minerals my body needed. Being a Crohns sufferer these are often areas we lack, and can’t always get from foods. She was very knowledgeable, making sure that anything she recommended didn’t interact with my medication.

With Angela’s guidance I feel so much better, and am more in control of my health. I honestly believe I wouldn’t have learned everything I did without her, and am truly thankful for the guidance and advise she gave me.

Angela is the utmost professional, has a touching compassion and is dedicated to her clients. I am thrilled  she was able to work with me, and am thrilled with the healthy, happy gut outcome.


I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, an auto-immune disease. This affects the bladder which becomes inflammed. Food is one of the main irritants. I was given little medical advice, apart from a list of foods not to eat. I became afraid to eat anything because interstitial cystitis can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.


One day I found Angela via her website and decided to see if she could help. Angela changed my life, she recommended foods for me to try and food supplements, within weeks my condition calmed down. Angela gave me the confidence to try new foods and explained a lot about my condition. Thank you Angela


I first consulted Angela after many years of suffering from poor digestion and lots of other health issues. 

I had tried exclusion diets, different eating regimes and numerous alternative therapies, and felt very confused by all the contradictory information in the media and online. 

Angela's friendly and methodical approach, together with her healthy food based recommendations and very realistic one step at a time philosophy, appealed to me straight away.

Over the course of consultations with Angela in the last few months, my gut has healed and my digestion, energy, sleep and mood have all dramatically improved. I feel better than I have for many years and am optimistic that l am finally on the right track for a very healthy future. 

Heartfelt thanks to Angela for all her advice and support.


Nutrition over diet is now my way of life for good.  Such a good experience that I can't recommend enough!  Some days I feel that I am eating so much I can't believe that I can eat all I am not count calories and maintain/ loose weigh.  Eating healthy nutritious food is so much easier than counting calories and being on a restrictive diet. Full fat Greek yogurt is soooo much nicer that low fat.  This way makes you feel good too, no HRT for me!  I have tried so many new foods herbs and spices that I would never have looked at before.  I eat so much less meat now much more fish and vegetarian.  Meals are great for everyone and I can say very economical too!  I am spending less money on the weekly budget having Angela’s recipes to follow, a great asset in lockdown as I have followed them everyday. The 80/20 rule is wonderful no one needs to be good all the time, I do have wine, chocolate and home made cake.
Angela is a great nutritionist, very understanding and has great ideas  to introduce you too,  I have never looked back! Give her a try you too can feel great !!

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