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Tailor made nutrition programmes to support fertility

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Falling pregnant is sometimes not as simple as we think in our twenties. You may be reading this because so far you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to conceive naturally and are considering your options of what to do next. Nutrition has a lot to offer any couple encountering fertility issues.


Whether it is to address any underlying health issues, or to ensure you have covered off every aspect of your health that’s under your control to give yourself the best chance of conceiving naturally or via assisted fertility.

The earlier you seek professional nutritional advice the better as nutrients and your underlying health play a vitally important role in fertility and pregnancy, helping to nourish eggs and sperm and preparing your body to receive a fertilised embryo and then to progress to a healthy pregnancy. 

Fertility and pregnancy nutrition can be confusing and misleading, while nutrition and lifestyle advice that is right for you both can help you feel empowered that you are positively contributing to your fertility.

Contact me directly or via Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic if you prefer.




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"We had our transfer this morning. It was really great news as we had 6 good embryos, four of which were graded as top quality and one of those was as good as possible. This is amazing for us as the first time we had just one and the second time we had two. This puts us in a position where if this try doesn’t work out we still have lots more chances with frozen transfers which involve much more gentle medication so we can relax a bit now and just continue eating well...we’re really happy with this result so thank you very much for all your help and for being so kind and reassuring". C & O

"I wanted to update you that I have today got a positive pregnancy test! We are over the moon.

This follows a transfer of the best quality embryo we have ever achieved (5AB), and we had 4 others that have been frozen.

Thank you for all your support and advice" V 



Functional testing aims to identify any functional imbalances or pathogens that may be present. This enables a more complete picture of the factors that may be contributing to an individuals health. These may be addressed through specific nutritional protocols which may allow more rapid and cost effective results.


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