I was having quite a stressful time and had taken up running after a long break. My knees and hips ached and I was feeling tired, sluggish and bloated and often felt down in the dumps. Working with Angela, including a few simple dietary changes and some supplements has made a big difference to my energy levels and resolved my aching joints and bloating. I also slept better, felt uplifted and ‘clean inside’ Karen, 41, working mum of two.

Thank you very much for coming to talk to Essex Osteopaths. The feedback was terrific. We all learnt so much that I think we will be digesting the information for weeks to come and hopefully changing our bad habits, Anne Gibbons, Registered Osteopath, Essex Osteopaths.

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, an auto-immune disease. This affects the bladder which becomes inflammed. Food is one of the main irritants. I was given little medical advice, apart from a list of foods not to eat. I became afraid to eat anything because interstitial cystitis can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. One day I found Angela via her website and decided to see if she could help. Angela changed my life, she recommended foods for me to try and food supplements, within weeks my condition calmed down. Angela gave me the confidence to try new foods and explained a lot about my condition. Thank you Angela . Hilary, 61

In March I started my St Helena Hospice local weight loss sponsored event. the idea was to lose pounds and gain pounds for the Hospice. This involved 2 months gym membership with a personal trainer and regular invaluable nutritional advice from Angela. So 3 months on I have gained £300+ pounds for the hospice and lost 7lbs in weight and 10cm off my waist. Angela provided me with advice, help by email and regular information, recipes and food ideas. Most helpful especially as I have PCOS which complicates matters a tad! Thank you Angela for all your help. Liz, 49

Please watch this space for more news on loving.. love nutrition

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