Nutritional Therapy Consultation

At Love Nutrition we aim to work with you to devise a health improvement plan to address your health issues and achieve your goals.
Before the consultation we ask that you complete a comprehensive nutritional therapy questionnaire and 3 day diet plan one week prior to your consultation. This enables us to complete a thorough review of the information you have provided ensuring you get the most from your consultation.

During your initial consultation a more detailed assessment of your health issues and goals will be taken. 

  • You will be given an explanation of the factors which may be contributing to your symptoms.
  • Working with you we will create a realistic and achievable nutritional programme.
  • Nutritional supplements may be recommended in order to address nutrient deficiencies or to offer additional support to achieve good health or to prevent or treat ill health.
  • Specific functional laboratory tests may also be recommended to you, depending on your symptoms or to assist in identifying any biochemical, hormonal or digestive imbalances.

After your consultation you will be able to call or e-mail us for any support you may need in following your nutritional programme. A follow up consultation is scheduled for 4-6 weeks after your initial visit when your progress and nutritional programme are reviewed. Further consultations may be recommended depending on your health issues and support required.

Nutritional Therapy encompasses functional laboratory testing and this may be recommended in order to further help identify any biochemical, hormonal or digestive imbalances. Functional testing may also ensure the most appropriate nutrient and supplement protocol for you.


Coggeshall Health and Beauty Centre, 12 Church Street, Coggeshall, CO6 1TU

Telephone: 07583 495290 for appointments.

Blackwater Clinic, Unit 3, The Barns, Howells Farm Offices, Maypole Road, Maldon, CM9 4SY

Telephone: 01621 850111 or 07583 495290 for appointments

Private Nutritional Therapy Consultation
Initial 1½ hour consultation £65
Follow up consultation £45
Fees reflect time spent researching your health concerns prior to and following your consultation.
Functional laboratory tests and nutritional supplements are charged at an additional cost as required.
Cancellations of less than 24 hours may be charged for.

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